The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a type of sports association in which many American universities are members. The NCAA takes care of organizing the sports programs of all members. So it is a kind of sports association, comparable to the DFB in Germany. Only that the members are not the clubs but the universities. As of now, the NCAA has nearly 1300 members. 

The universities are divided into three leagues - Division I, Division II and Division III. Emphasis is not placed on the sporting quality of the team, but on the size, the number of scholarships and sports offers. About 90 national championships in various sports are organized annually. The sports offered include American football, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and athletics.

Since July 1, 2021, athletes have also been allowed to accept personal sponsorship deals and thus market themselves. This was not allowed in the past, as athletes should focus on their athletic careers and not do side business. The whole thing is called NIL Compensation, which you can inquire about in more detail here: NIL compensation - Glossar | Sponsoo

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